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Francis Winiarz - CS3 - 1970-1973

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Here are sixteen photos from my trip to D.C. back on March 28, 2009.


  1. photo --- Korean War Memorial....near the Lincoln Memorial.

  2. Photo --- Korean War Memorial...all the details are etched into the stone

  3. Photo --- WW II Memorial, very impressive with fountains, sayings by WW II people and a column for each state and terrritory at the time. Each end has a tower, one for the European and one for the Pacific theater. Each state column has a brass wreath on it.

  4. Photo --- The colum for New Hampshire at WW II memorial

  5. Photo --- Pacific Theater tower

  6. Photo --- President Trumans saying

  7. Photo --- The Woman's Vietnam Memorial

  8. Photo --- The Vietnam Soldiers Memorial

  9. Photo --- "The Wall" dedicated to all those who gave their all in 'Nam

  10. Photo --- Francis "Wizard" Winiarz at "The Wall" leaving a foul-weather jacket from U.S.S C.P. Cecil DD-835. Yes, I kept that jacket all this time with the intention of leaving it at "The Wall."

  11. Photo --- Yardarms & masts at the Navy Heritage Museum on Pennsylvania Ave.

  12. Photo --- The sailor's statue at the Heritage Museum.

  13. Photo --- "Francis "Wizard" Winiarz and the Sailor.

  14. Photo ---The U.S.S. Cecil plaque at the Navy Heritage Museum.....the unfortunate part of this is that they were remodeling the area the plaques are in so I had to take it on the angle.

  15. Photo --- The outdoor plaques at the Navy Heritage Museum depicting various scenes of the U.S. Navy activities through time.

  16. Photo --- Yes, it was cherry blossom time.

Thanks for publishing the Cecil website and all the work you do to upkeep it...."Wizard" ( PS---most everyone from my time on DD-835 only know me as "Wiz or Wizard.")

I waited all this time to visit "the Wall" and I am glad I had the oppertunity to do so and share some photos of the Memorials. I want to thank my wife who attended schooling at Georgetown U. for her government job and had me visit for a weekend. If you go the Navy Heritage Museum is open daily and is worth the visit as is all the other memorials I've posted. The "Wall", Korean, WW II and other Vietnam memorials are all located between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument with the Reflection pool between all of bring your walking shoes if you go. Francis "Wizard" Winiarz CS 3

More Photos......

---> Here's the wizard working his magic in the Cecil's galley.

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