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USS Charles P. Cecil DD/DDR 835

2006 Ship's Reunion
October 15, 2006 to October 20 (21), 2006


"Initial Report from the Reunion Planners - Herve & Tony"

Cecil Home Port - Holiday Inn

NOTE: When reserving your room(s) use the following 800 number which will get you directly to the Holiday Inn we'll be staying at. The 800 number on the Home Port web site will get you to a national reservation system. They may not be aware of the Cecil Reunion special rates. The second phone number is a local San Diego number for the front desk at the Holiday Inn. Use this number to call from the Airport to request a shuttle service. They are supposed to provide this service for the Cecil group.

1 (800) 433-2131

1 (619)-291-5720

Past Reunions - Memories

   POD & Registration Forms

Things to Do - Places to Go !

Late Breaking News

  • (To be provided)

  • Yes, I'm coming to San Diego

    The following list contains the names of folks who plan to attend Reunion 2006 in San Diego. If you plan to attend, please Email your name and date of arrival to Ed Crowley     If your name appears on this list it may just encourage some of your old shipmates to attend and renew old friendships.

    • Ed & Marcia Crowley -- We'll be there October 15th, God willing

    • Dale & Mary Ellen Halvorson -- See you all in San Diego

    • Jan & Lou Capriotti -- Arriving on or about October 15th

    • Angie & Vic Brady will be there Oct. 15, 2006.

    • Dale F Halvorson, ET2, 1956=57 -- I'll be there

    • Jim Grieve, EM3, 1970-1972 -- We will be there -- Jim & Heather

    • Jerry & Judy Berard -- We'll be there with bells on!

    • Greg Wells, YN3, 1975-1977 -- Greg & Rosanne Wells - We will be there!

    • Rowland Hoke GMG3 1966-1968 -- WILL BE THERE ALL WEEK

    • Bill Elliot, FT3, 1953-1954 -- Will attend with his wife all week

    • Mick Dwyer, SM2, 1960-1963 -- Mick & Alice Riedl will attend from Oct. 15 thru Oct. 21

    • Jules & Anne Fryoux -- We hope to see you all in San Deigo in the fall.

    • Dick and Ann Gallo will be there - Good Luck!

    • Tom Guiffrida - Olympia & Tom Guiffrida will be there all week!!!

    • Reed Santa, GM3, 1944-1946 - Reed and his daughter Chris will be there all week

    • George Motzer, YN2, 1966-1967 - We'll be there, waiting for liberty call ... George & Janet

    • Willy Joe Baker, SN, 1966-1968 - Joe and Sharon Baker will be arriving on the 15th.

    • Dominick Dick Gallo (Founder), DK3, 1951-1954

    • Bill King, BT1, 1954-1955 - Hope to see you all in San Diego

    • Larry Kesselring, RD2 1964-1967 - My wife Jan Gillespie and I are planning on attending the reunion in Oct. We plan on arriving Wed. 10/18 and departing Sat 10/21.

    • James E. Davis, EMFN, 1965-1967

    • Robert & Eunice Kolsrud will be attending the reunion in San Diego

    • Bill Vernooy - I'll be there on Thursday

    • We will be in San Diego on the 15th. Looking forward to seeing everyone. ........ Clyde "Tex" Hancock and Betty

    • Ira and Ernestine Riley will be there, arriving Sunday the 15th. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

    • Tony Delanzo, CS3, 1951-1953 - You're Welcome. Looking forward to seeing you in October, in my own backyard! P.S. Went from a Navy cook to a gourmet cook!!

    • James Stump, SN, 1945-1946 ... Jim and Carolyn will arrive Sunday 10/15/06 and look foward to attending the reunion

    • Robert Hammond, RM3, 1945-46, planning to attend with his daughter, Diane. Will be there from Oct. 18-22. Looking forward to it!


    During the coming weeks I will be expanding this page to post any and all reunion-specific information to help you plan your trip to San Diego.

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