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Howard M. Russell Jr. - STGSN - 1969-1970

Smile, you're on candid camera

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I have come across some pictures of ships that were with the Cecil at Gitmo in 1971.

I also came across a Honorary Submariner card presented to me from W.F. Henry, CDR, USN of the USS Tirante SS420. If my memory holds up, this was given to me and a couple of other sonar gang members from the Cecil when we traded places with a few of the sonar gang from the sub. Since we, the STG's from the Destroyer were primarily active sonar, and the STS's were primarily passive sonar, it was thought to be a good exercise for us to switch a few sonar men for the day. Of course it was voluntary, you know what I mean. Who would want to leave the spacious room and comfort of the Cecil for the confines of a world war II Sub, Glad I was picked. Any way you can use the pic's any way you want.

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"Here I am as a handsome young sailor in 1969 while serving on the Charlie P." "Here I am 30 years later in 1999 decked out in civies."
"A view of the USS Davis at sea off GTMO on exercises in Jan. 1971 "One of those BIG greyhounds - taken from the fantail of the Charlie P."
"The submarine I rode on in GTMO" "My honorary Submariner's ID card"
"Greek Destroyer Apostolis D216 taking on a load of hi-test at sea." "Greek Destroyer Apostolis D216 entering port with her crew manning the starboard side"
"Greek Destroyer Apostolis D216 approaching a sister ship while steaming at sea." "Cecil Key Chain"
"GITMO cruise in November 1970. This is STG2 Leo Glaser." "GITMO cruise in November 1970. I think this is SN Bob Foster."
"GITMO cruise in November 1970. Anybody know "PHLASH" who ws in the sonar gang?" "GITMO cruise in November 1970. Anyone out there who this guy is? I havn't the foggiest."
"GITMO cruise in November 1970. Anybody recognize anybody in this photo?"  

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