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NOTE: For the rate and tour dates enter the rate you held when you left the Cecil
and the start/end dates that you served aboard the Cecil.

If you have any additional information such as; plank owner, 
USN retired, Rate at retirement, etc., include it in the text 
box below.

NOTE: If you also wish to become an official member of the C.P. Cecil Association, print out a copy of this completed form before you press the "Send" button. Attach a check for $15.00, made payable to the C.P. Cecil Association, and mail it and your completed form to: USS C. P. Cecil Assoc., Inc. c/o Thomas C. Guiffrida 34 Woodcrest Dr. Hauppauge, NY 11788

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To Send Form Press: Thanks for your help. Ed Crowley, ET1, 1958-1960

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