Cecil shipmate Tony Zeoli STG2 (1969) has compiled a photo collection of photos he took during the recent ship's reunion in Fall River. There are hundreds of photos, organized into eight groups.

Tony has graciously agreed to make these photos available to anyone with access to the Internet by publishing them on his web site at: www.azeoli.com

After connecting to Tony's Home Page, here's how to access the photos:

  1. Click on the link labeled TRAVELS
    This will display a page listing numerous links, identified by a number in the left column. (70923) identifies the Cecil links.
  2. Next click on any of the Cecil links to login using the

    User Name: tips
    Password: included

    Note that there are 16 identical icon links and 16 text links. The icon links display an array of thumbnail photos for each of the 16 groups. The text links display the individual full size photos that you can view by scrolling down. There are over 90 photos in each group, over 1200 photos in all.