Itís that time of year again (actually, a little earlier than that time of year)! Because this year itís at a different timeÖItís party time at the Annual USS Charles P. Cecil Reunion!

Need some heat? Letís have some fun in the sun in Pensacola, Florida. Wow! What a cool idea! There will be dolphins jumping, Blue Angels buzzing, and some great historic sites to see! Are you ready? I know I amÖ

Couldnít we all use some of that? Think of clean, white, sandy beaches and gentle waves, with your sleeping quarters right on the beach (inside, that is, between clean sheets, in the hotel, on the beach). Join us for some Fun in the Sun!!!!!!

Follow these instructions:

  1. Read the enclosed Registration form and Tour descriptions and times.
  2. Fill out the Registration form, selecting the tours that you must have.
  3. Mail the form, with your check for complete payment, to Tom G., Treasurer, to address, as specified in the form. Donít Forget To Pay Your Dues, unless you did already.

Please mail by or before April 15th. Thanks ....... Tom

Get all excited, because you canít wait to come to Pensacola to see all of your friends, enjoy the tours, eat Ďtil you bust, AND,Ö HAVE FUN IN THE SU*N!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. We do not expect or require the widows to attend, but, you may if you wish. Out of respect we are sending all of you an invitation.

p.p.s You guys (and gals) in FL, LA, GA, AL, and MS have no excuse this year! You are sooo close! Come join us for all the fun! See some of your shipmates from all of the years served- 1945, all the way through to Scrapping./.. Wow! What a Thrill!!!

Donít forget to bring something (of value) to auction off.