Charles P. Cecil DD/DDR 835

Hail to the Chief

9th Annual Reunion
October 12-17, 2003

Hail to the Chief

We met at the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel for the 9th annual reunion. The reunion was hosted by Bill and Carol Vernooy. Greg (a former shipmate) and Rosanne Wells, residents of the area, contacted Bill to offer their help with the reunion. Thanks so much for great reunion memories. It takes a lot of work to pull these together and we appreciate your time and all your efforts.

We missed the Broussards, the Grieves, the Kolsruds, Ed Crowley, the Capriottis, the Collettes, - see you next year! (Chief Kolsrud fell from his roof - you might want to drop a note and remind him not to do that again!)

General Business Meeting

Ed Crowley, our grrreat website master, will be posting the business minutes, but for those of you who aren't online, here are some of the most important issues.

  • Bill Vernooy made the recommendation that we attempt to get a plaque for the Cecil at the Naval Heritage Center on The Memorial Commemorative Wall (a program of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation). A donation of $2,500 is needed for the plaque, which includes a dedication ceremony, and a group rate on Navy Log enrollments. The money donated supports U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation programs. Warren Brandt made a motion that all auction money raised be used toward the plaque. Jim O'Neill seconded the motion.

  • Rich Sayers presented the treasurer's report, a balance of $10,200 is in the account at this time. Rich spoke about expenditures and host time and announced that beer, wine and soda will be provided for the hospitality room, at NO charge for the next reunion (Baton Rouge). His hopes are that this will continue for all future reunions and he will try his best to plan the budget for this.

  • George Krejcar's term of office as vice president has expired. The Board recommended Ira Riley as new vice president and that George Krejcar move to the empty seat on the Board left by Ira. No other nominations were made, so a motion made by George Motzer to accept the Board's recommendation and was seconded from the floor.

  • After a lengthy discussion and votes, PENSACOLA was chosen for the 2005 reunion. Joe Baker, Rich Sayers and Jerry Berard will co-host.

The Auction

    The total amount raised at this year's auction was $1,163 (remember this is going toward the Cecil plaque to be placed on the wall at the Naval Heritage Center!! Bob Rosenberg, highest bidder at the auction, paid $100 for the Cecil builder's plate (mount 3). A Cecil Zippo lighter went for $52 (thank you Joe & Sharon Baker)! Bob Rosenberg discovered from a merchant that the lighter was probably worth between $300-$1000. The coffee pot used in the hospitality room brought in $25 (thanks Joan Brandt). There were some very unusual items this year - A "piddle cane" was auctioned off at $38 (for $1 donations from anyone in the room who felt Jules should have this for safe keeping and as a remembrance of this year's auction). A set of black lace ladies skivvies+ was handled very delicately by Warren and sold quickly for $7.50! Bob Rosenberg also had the winning bid on a sterling silver anchor necklace, which he then presented to the beautiful Blair Roberts (who rewarded him with a huge hug). This event is just packed full of fun and is a great way for us to be together. Thanks everyone for all the donations and for the purchasing you do.

The Banquet


    A donation of $1,000 was made by Bob Rosenberg to be used toward the plaque for the Cecil at the Naval Heritage Center. Since that donation brought us to $2,163 of the $2,500 needed, a suggestion was made to take up a collection at the banquet to see if we could raise the remainder. A total of $571 was collected!

    Dave Aldworth was our speaker this year. Mr. Aldworth is a computer consultant and a member of the Project Liberty Ship (since 1988), joining after seeing the SS JOHN W BROWN in the Baltimore Inner Harbor. The SS BROWN is a fully operational WWII Memorial and Museum Ship, the only surviving Liberty ship on the east coast. The website about Project Liberty Ship is There were 2700 Liberty ships produced, the first launched at the Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard in Baltimore in September, 1941. Mr. Aldworth has every right to be as enthusiastic about the SS JOHN W BROWN as he is - these Liberty ships helped to preserve this great nation of ours.

The Memorial Service

    The Memorial Service was held aboard the USS Constellation (the last decommissioned sailing war ship) on Friday, October 17. Our Chaplain, Warren Brandt, did his usual fine job and Captain Charles P. Rozier spoke. A self-tour of the ship followed the service.


    A PROCLAMATION by Mayor Martin O'Malley DESIGNATING OCTOBER 17, 2003 as "U.S.S. CHARLES P. CECIL DD/DDR-835 DAY" IN BALTIMORE was presented to the shipmates on board the USS Constellation at the Memorial Service. Copies of the Proclamation were also available to everyone, the original given to Christine Anderson, Honorary Member of the Association and the Cecil Historian.

Click HERE to view some reunion photos by Jerry & Judy Berard


We have a new keeper for the Cecil shirts, caps, and jackets !
The new contact is: Chief Robert H. Kolsrud
Telephone: 563-535-7262
1243 Gjefle Drive, Waukon, IA 52172