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Baton Rouge

Hi there

If any other folks out there have photos from the reunion that you'd like to share with your shipmates please send them to me. Attachment to an email is the best, but snail mailing the actual photos is OK. Please limit your contribution to four photos as I have a disk quota imposed on my HPA account. Pick out the BEST four and include names and brief captions on the back.


At this reunion, October 11 - 16, 1999, our hosts Jules and Mary Ann Fryoux and Rene and Margie Broussard pulled out all the stops. They kept us busy all week and made us feel more than at home. Here's some Kodak moments that will bring back memories. Clicking on the following one-liner captions will display the associated photo.

Courtesy of Rich, Debby, and Blair Roberts from Norwalk, CT.

Wave to the camera Blair, smile Debby, and "Hey Rich, you still got that beard?"

Left to right, Robin and Kevin McKracken, Kim and Jim Grieve, Lou and Stacy Schwalbendorf, and Rich, Debby, and Blair Roberts enjoy the banquet dinner before headin home until next year.

Blair's a bit cautious when it comes to reptiles.

A visit to the USS Kidd brought back a lot of memories for these old Cecilites

"Request permission to come aboard" say a couple of old Cecil swabbies. "Permission granted," barks the OOD.

"Bite that tongue Jules." "Hey lady, where'd you get that hat?"

Jules, cutting a mean rug with the Voodoo Lady

Voodoo wedding ceremony celebrates Lou and Stacy Schwalbendorf's 10th anniversary.

Rich and Donna Sayers relaxing at Mulate's as Lou Capriotti heads to the bar for another cool one.

Visiting the USS Kidd built up an appetite that a luncheon stop at Cat Fish Town will surely satisfy.

The entire crew assembled for the 1999 Reunion banquet before parting company for another yesr. See you all next year in Vegas.

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