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Joseph Porter -S1/c Firecontrol - 1945 -1946

Smile, you're on candid camera

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Site Author's Notes:I want to thank Joe Porter (1945-1946) for sending me the documents and photos shown here, most of them over 52 years old, to share some of his Cecil memories with us all. Joe reported aboard the Charlie P. in Boston in June 1945 during the time the Cecil was commissioned on 29 June 1945 which makes Joe a Plank Owner.

In 1945 (I had just turned 12 years old on May 18, 1945).

Email from Joe (5/2/2008): Ahoy Ed -- This is what the Cecil looked like when I boarded in 1945. This photo of the USS Miles C. Fox DD 829 (same class as the Cecil) was taken off the coast of Boston in April 1945. The radar antenna on top of the Director was my post during General Quarters. This was replaced by a "Dish" later on in time. Also the extra mast was added with it's adjuncts. Looking at this photo today, it is hard to imagine 300 plus guys spending so much time aboard!


The following list contains links to the photos that Joe has generously sent to me to share with all his Cecil shipmates that came before and after his tour as a firecontrol man aboard the Charlie P. I pieced together the captions included with the photos from notes scribbled on the back of the photos and accept responsibility for any errors. If any of you Cecil sailors of the 1946-1948 era can add to any of the photos or documents please send me your comments so I can update Joe's page to include them.

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