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This page will catalogue, organize, and publish two types of related data; sea stories and photos. I'm hoping that I can collect both types from all the former crew members that visit the site and are willing to share whatever memories of their tours on the Cecil they have to offer. Maybe they have a few photos of buddies packed away somewhere that they can dig out and send to me along with a bit or two of narrative to describe the pictures. These stories and photos from one sailor may trigger similar or related descriptions of events from other sailors that served on board at the same time on the same cruise.

This set of pages ought to make for interesting reading for all the old timers who like to reminisce about "the old days". Since this type of information involves loading graphics files, which takes time, I will generate separate files for each set of text and photos. On this page I will display a list of links that will allow you to select which set of text and photos you wish to view.

1946-1948 Gaylord Mounsey SM/QM
1945-1946 Joseph Porter S1/c Firecontrol
1946-1947 Robert McGirr SN
1948 Mark Leslie Shannon HMC
1947-1948 Morgan G. Dellinger Jr. STGCS
1947-1950 John Graham LTJG
1950-1952 Jerry Mazenko SO1
1951-1954 Herve Collette EM3
1952-1955 Donald W. Nefsey MM
1951-1952 John G. Bush EN3
1951-1953 Al Fontaine DC3
1952-1955 Raymond R. Cote SN
1953-1955 Ray Raposo FT2
1953-1955 Darrell Chadwell FN
1955-1956 "Bill" Brownson SOG3
1956-1957 Charles Sutherland FN
1960-1963 Mick Dwyer SM2
1960-1960 Ed Crowley ET1
1961-1962 John Stein ET2
1958-1960 David H. Green CO
1969-1970 Howard M. Russell Jr. STGSN
1966-1967 Bill Foley BM3
1965-1969 Bob Kolsrud GMCS
1959-1961 Jim Ellsworth RD1
1958-1960 David Gibson LTJG
1960-1962 Steve Fisher RD2
1973-1978 Richard Roberts MM3
1977-1979 William P. Burke FTG2
October 1957 Our Heroic Lifesavers Med Cruise
1960-1964 D.C. Nicholson GMG1
1967-1970 Patrick Keating MMFN
1968-1969 John Muller SN
1977-1979 Seth Block STG3
1966-1968 Leonard "Gus" Gutschmidt YN1
1967-1970 Bob Hayes STG3
1959-1961 John E. Smith FTCM (USN,Ret.)
1961-1964 Thomas T. Beeson LTJG
1962-1965 James F. Jordan ENS/LTJG/LT
1964-1967 Larry Kesselring RD2
1964-1966 Joseph J. Dolan RM3
1970-1973 Gary Deutsch SK2
1966-1969 Donald Walker EM3
1964-1967 Ernest A. Taylor GMG1
1973-1975 Neale Duffett LTJG
1958-1962 Elton Englund RD2
1961-1963 Elroy M. Nelson SO3
1962-1964 Jim Bonta BMSN
1975-1977 Gregory L. Wells YN3
1957-1958 Paul Hostetler YN1
1969-1972 Tim Carlo MM2
1955-1958 Vernon Fix LTJG
1977-1979 Gregorio DeSaro BT3
1949-1952 Anthony Mazzullo QM3
1966-1968 Tom Giuffrida YN3
1967-1969 Zeke Derendal  
1955-1959 Ed Thomas BT1
1970-1973 Francis Winiarz CS3
1963-1966  Frank Kalfrin MM2
1967-1969 Matthew Mallen SK3

Home History Rosters Reunions Photos
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