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D.C. Nicholson - GMG1 - 1960-1964

Smile, you're on candid camera

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Chief Nicholson sent me this letter of commendation signed by
Captain C.P. Rozier.

                                              31 August 1962

From:	Commanding Officer, U.S.S. CHARLES P. CECIL(DDR 835)

Subj:	Commendation

1. During the past Year, while members of the crew of the
U.S.S. CHARLES P. CECIL, you have applied yourselves to
your duties in an outstanding manner, and conducted your-
selves in keeping with the high standards of the naval
service. During this period your diligent attention to
duties and cooperation among you has resulted in CECIL'S
constant improvement in her performance and capabilities.
This achievement is evidenced in the fine reputation gained
by CECIL during this past deployment to the SIXTH FLEET.

2. Your personal contributions to this success is appreciated,
and the Commanding Officer takes pleasure in commending you
for a job well done.

				C.P. Rozier


Chief Nicholson contributed the following set of photos that show the Cecil participating in a fueling exercise.

Cecil waits her turn during refueling operation It's a dirty job and SN Joe Tibenski has to do it. "I'll be glad when I transfer to the Signal Gang", says Joe.)
The Charlie P. getting up to speed after refueling Cecil crew secures the fuel hose under the leadership of LTJG W.G. Hammon (left) while TM3 C. Coyle (right) maintains communication with the bridge.
Cecil crew guides the refueling hose. The Charlie P. steams ahead to meet up with tanker to commence refueling operation.
Good way to get those dress whites dirty sir. (Who is that guy?) Give us some more slack in that hose folks.
Fuel hose carries petrol to fill the Cecil's fuel tanks Highline personnel exercise. (Anyone know the name of this ship?)

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