Charles P. Cecil DD/DDR 835

Newsletter - January 2003

Hope all of you had wonderful holidays!

Get Ready for Reunion 2003!

The 2003 Reunion is shaping up nicely. Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 12th through Saturday, October 18th. Make your reservations at the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore, 20 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. The toll free number for reservations is 1-800-333-3333. And, be sure to mention the Cecil group so you are guaranteed the group rate. Bill Vernooy is working hard putting together a great week for us. It's early, so remember there will be changes in the itinerary, depending on how many of you sign up for everything. So, start planning now and get those reservations in as soon as the reservation form hits your mailbox!!. Below is a sample of what you can expect.
  • Walking Tour of Baltimore Inner Harbour
  • Golf Tournament
  • Smithsonian Institute
  • The Memorials of Washington
  • THE (famous, and my favorite) AUCTION
  • The Yearly Memorial Service
  • Banquet
  • Hospitality room from Sunday through Friday
  • In the planning stages are:
  • A Crab Feast Dinner Cruise
  • A tour of the US Naval Academy
Some of the people we really missed seeing at the Corpus Reunion were: Richie, Debby, and Blair; also the Dick Gallos did not make it, nor the Joe Bakers, Ron Gordons, Bill Vernooys, David Vernooys, George Harpers or the Mike Howards . I know I've missed names of some other regular attendees, but these especially come to mind. We understand how difficult it is to schedule the whole week; spouses and jobs, and our daily lives tend to interfere with our fun sometimes. However, sure hope you can manage at least a few days with us in Maryland.

Jules and Anne will be meeting with Rich and Donna in Florida, turning over the treasury "books" at the end of the month. Though we know Rich and Donna will do an outstanding job keeping track of everything, please call and harass Jules and Anne every once in a while, just for old times sake.

Membership Drive!

Let's all start searching for new members. Get in touch with your old Cecil shipmates and encourage them to join the association. You and any new members you recruit will receive a beautiful Cecil jacket to wear to the reunion in Baltimore. Click "HERE" to retrieve an application for membership.

The Old Man and the Sailor

(Jerry received this over the Internet and we'd like to share it with those of you who don't do email.)

He was old and worn and a bit forlorn as he ambled through the park
He spoke to me and I could see that his eyes had lost their spark.

His gait was slow and his voice was low as he asked to set with me,
And I answered him with a friendly grin, The sitting' here is free.

He gave a smile and we talked a while and his voice was rather weak,
But his mind was strong and it wasn't long until he began to speak

Of yesteryears and I saw the tears as the memories flooded through
For he spoke of times and other climes as old men often do.

He smiled at me and I could see as he glanced at my Navy blues
That he'd earned his keep on the briny deep and paid his share of dues.

I asked if he would share with me some memoir's from his career,
He said he might if the price was right, and the price was a can of beer!

I've shipped on subs and oily tubs, on battleships and cruisers,
Ten thousand mates and I can state not one of them was losers.

LSTs on foreign seas, from Tarawa to Leyte,
You name it, lad, I've been there, from Alaska down to Haiti.

Liberty ships of paper clips, balsa wood and glue,
I saw one break apart one time and lose her gallant crew.

Marine Corps I took ashore on Taraway and Truk.
Oh what the hell, for quite a spell, I've had my share of luck.

One thing more, he said, before I move along,
There ain't no air that's quite as fair as the pipe of the boatswain's song.

And the place to be is on the sea riding a fair sea swell,
With mates like you in Navy blue who'll follow you straight through hell.

So here's to you and your Navy crew who take our ships to sea

And may our blessings go with all our beloved ones who are shipping out as I write this!

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