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Our next reunion will be held September 22-28 in Corpus Christi, TX. We hope everyone will attend as many days as possible. The business meeting, auction, memorial service, and banquet will be held the last three days of the reunion and the banquet will be held aboard the the USS LEXINGTON, a carrier.

Events that are planned will include tour of the King Ranch (largest ranch in the world), a hayride to the beach by "Mustang Stables" for a barbeque on the beach including, dancing to a band. Also available are tours of the naval base,

But wait, there's more!! There will be saltwater bay fishing available, tours to the Aquarium, Museum, and Research facility. This is only part of it. yThlS IS onlypart of it

Rockport is nearby with two RV parks.

More information will be comin soon but in the meantime, if you would like more information, Jerr Berard's number is (281) 339-5272.

A donation of $500.00 was sent to "United Fireman's Assn. Widow's and Children's Fund" in New York, NY.

Sick Bay

Our Webmaster, Ed Crowley is being operated on March 14th for heart by-pass surgery. The surgery was initially scheduled for March 8th.
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Also, Butch Carter is still waiting for a kidney transplant; please send him a card.

Gerald Davis is recovering from a hernia operation; his wife, Pritchie is doing fine after her cancer surgery.

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Attached you'll find a sample of the information that's needed for a scrapbook that Jules and Christine Anderson are working on. Please try to help them with this project by supplying them with pictures and info. of your early years. Click  here  to view the sample attachment.