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Our sixth reunion in Las Vegas, by our standards, was a jackpot. "Whether you were a winner or loser in the casinos, we all won by getting together" (as quoted by our President, Warren Brandt.)

Our hosts, Jules and Maryann Fryoux did another outstanding job making everything come together. Unlike our prior reunions where there were specific tours set up, Jules and Maryann set us all loose this time, free to come and go at will, but giving us many good suggestions on what to do and see.


Among our attendees, we were honored to have Mrs. Beverly Dunn. For those of you who don't know, Mrs. Dunn was married to Mr. Bob Dunn who was one founding four who started the association only to pass on before our first reunion. Along wIth Vernon Dunn and Quido Napolitano, who have also passed on, we will always be thankful. Also, a thank you goes out to the last surviving member of the founding four who still carries the torch, Dick Gallo.

Chris Anderson brought her dad, Reed Santa who is one of the plank owners from Mesa, AZ. You could tell he enjoyed himself because he always had a smile on his face.

Donna Sayers (always in style) was the big winner of $2,400. Also a winner was Warren Brandt of $300.

Our auction was once again a success and a lot of fun. The association made $600 thanks to everyone who donated the items to be auctioned and our man of the hour, Warren Brandt who managed to get $3.50 for a Texas watermelon from Maryann Fryoux. We had a lot of laughs all through the evening. A thank you also goes out to Debby Roberts and Maryann Fryoux for tallying and Donna Sayers for collecting. Our youngest member, Blair Roberts, contributed her artwork on the spot which sold for $5.00. And note to Jim Ellsworth, she volunteered to do more when she woke up the next morning.

Our meeting began with a memorial service by our own Rev. Warren Brandt remembering those who have gone on final liberty. At the conclusion of the memorial, Robert Ahrens played Taps on clarinet.

Our next reunion will be at Grand Island, NY which neighbors Niagara Falls October 7 - 12 with a trip to the Naval Park which holds the destroyer DD Sullivans, the cruiser USS Little Rock and the submarine USS Croaker. More details to come. Bill Paige, Bob Catalono and Jules will be hosting this reunion. Jules has signed a contract with Holiday Inn.

Also at our next reunion, we will have a pictorial directory made up. It will be much like a high school yearbook enabling us all to put names and faces together. This will be at no expense to you or the association.

Corpus Cristi, Texas was voted on for reunion 2002 through the efforts of Ron Gordon and Jerry Berard.


President -      Warren Brandt at wrbra@gateway.net
Vice President - George Krejcar at blueeg33@aol.com
Treasurer -      Jules Fryoux at pkoja@juno.com
Secretary -      Kevin McKracken at rmccracken@focal.com
Newsletter -     Rich and Debby Roberts at dir@home.com
Webmaster -      Ed Crowley at ecrowley@world.std.com

Our website address has been simplified now thanks to Ed Crowley. It is now http://www.usscharlespcecil.com.

Thursday Night's Banquet

Many pictures were taken of the different years the men were on board ship.

John W. Bitoff RADM, USN, Ret XO of the Cecil 1968 -1970 spoke of how the time aboard the Cecil prepared him for his future. He also spoke very highly of Chief Robert Kolsrud, Master at Arms with whom he worked with to turn the ship into a 4.0 DD of the fleet.

A very emotional speech was given by Mrs. Beverly Dunn about how much the Navy and the Cecil meant to her husband, Bob and how much the association means to her .

Jules and Maryann were each presented with a gift for the hard work of organizing the reunion as well as acknowledgements to Rene and Margie Broussard for their help as well. Mrs. Beverly Dunn was presented with a wonderful silver tray from the association.

A great buffet was served by the Hotel Plaza and we said our goodbyes.

Among the people we missed this year were Kevin and Robin McKracken, Lou and Stacy Schwalbendorf, the Nagys, Steve Ferraro, Bill Paige and Al Fontaine.

Our prayers go out to Ruth Foster and Ed Crowley for their losses.

Sick Bay

Gerry Davis of Maryland
Ginny Cullen (Francis Cullen's wife) of Massachusetts.

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