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Hi there


Our next reunion will be in Las Vegas on the week of September 3-8, 2000.

For hotel reservations (Ask for Cecil Group Rate):

    Jackie Gaughan's Plaza
    1 Main Street
    Las Vegas, NV 89101

Airline reservations can be made with: (Make sure you mention C.P. Cecil) 

                   Discount Tours and Cruises 
                   Contact: Vanessa Craven or Camille Knox 

Jules will be sending out registration forms shortly.

Also, it is time to pay dues for the year 2000. Please make your checks 
payable to C. P. Cecil Association for $15.00 and send them to:

    Jules Fryoux
    5236 Floynell
    Baton Rouge, LA 70809-3193
    Email - pkoja@juno.com (Win a free raffle ticket if you can figure
                            out what pkoja means)

Remember that your dues are tax deductible. We will have a treasury Report at
the business meeting.

For the year 2001, the reunion will be held in Buffalo, NY. The dates
are set for September 27 - October 2, 2001. Our hosts are Bill and Dorothy Page
from Dunkirk, N.Y. We now need to plan 2002. Any volunteers?

Sick Bay

Our good friend, Willard Red Foster is having a bout with cancer. Please
drop him a line at 10042 Highway 51, Wesson, MS 39191.

Peg Crowley, Ed Crowley's wife took a bad spill and is having a hip
replacement. Ed maintains our Web Site. Please drop them a line at
36 Tucker Ave, Marlboro, MA 01752.

Messages From Crew Members

A message from Warren Brandt

 First, a note of thanks to Jules and Ann, together with their committee. 
We all had an exceptional reunion in Baton Rouge, LA. I want to thank 
everyone for the many items donated for our auction. I had a lot of fun 
again last year. I am happy that the many prayers were answered for Tom 
Bradshaw and his recovery. We all missed him this time but will see him 
next year. Thank you for your vote of confidence as your new President, 
I only hope that I can fill Tom's shoes. He was our First President and 
it was an awesome job. I recently received an order form from Tom for some 
CECIL SHIRTS. That's a good idea and I ordered one myself. However, I would 
suggest it anyone has an idea for a fundraiser to contact the Board first 
so we do not duplicate our efforts. I look forward to seeing a of you this 
year in Vegas. Again, we will have a great time. Best wishes for a healthy 
and happy year. 

Love, Peace and Joy, 

A message from George Kreicar - Vice President

 I can truly say my years in the Navy were some of the most 
memorable. I amaze my wife by the names and hometowns I remember of the 
guys who were shipmates during the time I was aboard. The year I found our 
reunion listed in the American Legion magazine, I didn't hesitate one minute to 
contact Tom Bradshaw. It's turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made 
lately. 'Going back" isn't so bad, as they say. Each reunion keeps getting 
better. The renewed friendships and acquaintances get stronger each time we 
meet. Our 1999 reunion, Baton Rouge, LA, will be hard to beat, but I'm sure 
Jules and company will tell you it takes a full year plus of planning. I'd 
like to challenge every shipmate who attended the last reunion to at least 
contact one other shipmate. A thought to our directors: give an incentive 
to the shipmate who recruits the most new attendees. Why shouldn't we share 
the fun? I can't say enough about the renewed friendships and memories I've 
shared. It's surprising the number of 'Old Snipes" that attend, but so few of 
the deck force. Where are you guys?? 

A message from Lou Capriotti

Thank you, everyone for picture help.

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