Charles P. Cecil DD/DDR 835

November 2004

10th Annual Reunion Anniversary - Baton Rouge, LA

Jules Fryoux and ‘Bruce’ Broussard had a special treat for those members who had arrived early for the 10th Annual Reunion. The Addis Historical Society held a special celebration to honor veterans, and Commander C. P. Rozier, who took command of the Charles P. Cecil in October 1961.

Thanks to Jules and Anne Fryoux and Bruce and Margie Broussard for a wonderful 10th reunion in Baton Rouge.

We missed so many of you this year. Sure hope you’ll be able to join us in Pensacola next October. We missed Rich, Debbie and Blair Roberts; brothers Bill and David Vernooy. Rich Sayers was very busy taking care of personal business because of all the hurricanes that hit Florida. Because of illness, Bob Rosenberg, Dick Gallo and Ed Crowley could not attend. Hope you are mending well and we were thinking about all of you.

Our annual auction went well, bringing in $1,285! The highest bid was for an etched glass of the ship, which was donated by Bill Paige.

The 2005 reunion will be in Pensacola; 2006 will be San Diego.

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