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Our fourth reunion, held October 1-4, 1998 in Charleston, SC was a great success. Once again, thanks to Tom Bradshaw, we all had a wonderful time.

Tours and Going Ons
Thursday was the Golf Tournament. Winner - Dick Gallo. Friday we went to Patriot's Point where we had a memorial service by Warren Brant and had lunch (with Navy trays) on the Yorktown. A tour of the Citadel including the Parade of Cadets followed. Friday evening we held our auction. A big hand is due our MC Master of Arms - Warren Brant for being our auctioneer. He worked hard and gave us a lot of laughs. Robert Maceluch ED2-67-70 brought in a gray sweat shirt with a wonderful airbrushed picture of the Cecil on it for the auction. Yours truly got the high bid of the night award of $65. If that other fellow went to $65.50, it would have been his. the auction started at 8:30 and went to 11:30. Saturday was a tour of downtown Charleston and Boone Plantation followed by pictures and dinner.

Business Meeting News
Jules Fryoux is in the process of getting our association incorporated and with that, we have the following:

  • Board of Directors: Louis Caperiotti, Dick Gallo, and Gerald Davis
  • President: Tom Bradshaw
  • Vice President: Warren Brant
  • Secretary: Kevin MacKracken
  • Treasurers: Jules Fryoux and Bruce Broussard
  • Newsletter: Rich Roberts

Our next reunion will be October 13-15 in Baton Rouge, LA hosted by Jules Fryoux and Bruce Broussard who have just about finalized plans. We will be at the Holiday Inn South and rooms will be $65.00 a night. There is also an airport shuttle going back and forth from the hotel. There will be more to come as I receive more information. For the year 2000, we will be in Las Vegas.

The association wants to thank the following people:

  • Tom Bradshaw - for putting it all together
  • Warren Brant - for all his hard work as our Master of Ceremonies and as our Chaplain
  • Kevin Lawlor and Rich Sayers - for donations to the association
  • Robert Maceluch - for that wonderful sweat shirt
  • Louis Capriotti - for giving out the pictures he took at last years Fall River reunion.

Also, I need everone's help! It will really be helpful to me, in two ways, if everyone would send two self addressed envelopes. One, this will help in getting everyone's name and address for our roster and two, with postage for your next two newsletters. After these next two newsletters, postage will be paid by the association. Also, if you are on-line, you can send me your E-mail address because soon I will be on-line myself.

Any newsletter material or anything interesting to our shipmates should be sent to:

Rich Roberts
22 Fairfield Terrace
Norwalk, CT 06851

Kevin McCraken
28 North Kings Avenue
Linden Hurst, NY 11757

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