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Elroy M. Nelson - SO3 - 1960-62

Smile, you're on candid camera

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Elroy M. Nelson, SO3, played a key role during the Quarantine of Cuba and the Cecil's historic encounter with a Russian submarine. As the senior sonarman aboard, Elroy was charged with tracking the submarine for over 18 hours during the encounter which ended when the Cecil forced the Russian sub to surface. The photo shown here shows Elroy standing on the port side watching the sub. Lt. W.B. Peirce presented this photo to Elroy and had written "My Compliments/WB Pierce" on the back.


Certificate of Participation in the Quarantee of Cuba

Secretary of the Navy Commendation

Ledger Star Article - Composite photo

"Cuban Missile Crisis Comes to the Front!"    

Ledger Star Article - pg1

Ledger Star Article - pg2

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