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John Muller, SN - 1968-1969

Smile, you're on candid camera

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Cecil Band - 1968 Med or 1969 Red Sea cruise

Rainbow in Seychelles Victoria

Shellback initiation during 1969 Middle East cruise - Poor Pollywog crawling out of the garbage chute.

Pollywog gets washed off after the garbage chute crawl

Catching a few rays during the 1969 Red Sea cruise

Three Cecilites enjoying the beach party in Turkey - Rodney Boland is the fellow on the right. Anyone know who those other two sailors are?

Here I am on the left relaxing at sea

First division doing what they do best

Here I am again - don't know where

Here I am enjoying a few brews in Malta in 1968. From left to right are Rodney Boland, Russ Stout, and your's truly.

Fashion show in France in 1968

Smile mon cher, you're on candid camera. Calm down mates.

Liberty call in Angolia

Enjoying a good old fashioned barbecue topside

View of the old girl from the bow

Here we are running plane guard for the USS Independence

Here we are all alone out there in the deep blue sea

Taking a break in the French Alps during the 1968 cruise

"Turn on the key mate," says Ouie Sniffen who's on the rudder.

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