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Mick Dwyer - SM2 - 1960-1963

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"Cuban Missile Crisis."

Hello to all my shipmates on the Cecil, that sailed with her before and after the Cuban crisis of October of 1962.We were having a leisure weekend on that Saturday evening aboard ship when we were given orders to get the Cecil sea worthy, and this with only a third of the crew. They tried to call back as many men as we could and within 3 hours we were underway to Cuba. Our job was to seal off the island of Cuba to keep the Russian ships out of the area.

I was the duty signalman and luckily my shipmate and buddy Jim O'NEIL also was on board as he could help take in messages as he was a former signalman. Then we detected movement beneath the beautiful Caribbean sea and our Sonarmen were skilled and on the job including Sonarman Nelson. Our Captain Rozier moved quickly to follow the sub and we chased them for 34 hours until they had to come up to the surface.When they surfaced we didn't know what to expect so we had to be ready to retaliate if necessary. We politely escorted them along ther way and it wasn't toward Cuba. The Cecil also stopped a freighter and we had a search party to go aboard if necessary including myself as the communicator and an officer, yeoman and gunnersmate This was not necessary as they were able to talk with us. Those days that were numbered were from October 22 until December 4, 1962.

Moving forward 40 years there was a reunion of the officers that were on the ship during that time.It was held in Chevy Chase, Maryland in 2002, 40 years later I gave Captain Rozier a call and asked if I could attend that reunion and he said yes he would be delighted. So I flew from Minnesota to attend their reunion and it was a great time. When all of the men walked into the room the women all stood and gave us a hand and said "these are the men that saved the world" what a thrill that was.

I have asked my good buddy and shipmate, Ed Crowley, to post some pictures of that reunion. For those of you that dont know me or didn't serve with me there is a picture of myself on the Cecil taken off the coast of Athens, Greece and a more recent one in civilian clothes. See if you can recognize any in the pictures. God Bless and God Bless America The Cecil still lives in our hearts

Mick Dwyer SM2 1960 to 1963


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