I have started this note to both of you 3 times. What a fun reunion and how hard you both worked. How can I ever tell you two how very much I love you and what friends you have been to Dale and I. I was worried about coming to the reunion alone but everyone was so good to me.It was three years of saddness and tears.Time goes on but that does not mean you ever forget 50 years.Dale was wonderful to me always and I hope I was to him.The Cecil had become such a part of our lives and thoughts. The fact that you all invited me back is so great. It has been a long time since Ive laughed so hard but it is definetly time for that.The memorial service and your words Greg I will never forget.Only problem is now I miss you all.I have expressed to Tom and Olympia my feelings also.If you would like to give this to Ed Crowley for his letter on the reunion that would be fine.I dont know how to do that.email me sometime as I look forward to Norfolk.The certificate is such a treasure. Hugs to Roseann.

Mary Ellen Halverson