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Bob Kolsrud - GMCS - 1965-1969

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Bob Kolsrud of Waterville, Iowa joined the Navy in 1948 at age seventeen even before he finished high school. After being sworn in he traveled to San Diego for fourteen weeks of boot training. After boot camp he boarded the USS St. Paul and headed overseas to Shanghai. The Korean War broke out while The St. Paul was in Pearl Harbor and the ship participated in shore bombardment missions north of Inchon. His three year enlistment was extended when President Truman gave everyone a one-year extension involuntary extension. He was discharged in 1952, but renlisted several years later serving a total of twenty-two years.

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Recollections Of Korea Bob displays a medal he received from the Korean Government
Navy Grants GMC Kolsrud Cash Award Letter of Appreciation from the President of the Republic of Korea Kim Dae-jung
Navy Man Praised for Innovation Department of the Navy Commendation
What a young handsome looking CPO Secretary of the Navy presents Navy Achievment Medal to Chief Gunners Mate Bob Kolsrud.
CITATION for outstanding performance of duty with the Nuclear Weapons Training Group, Atlantic Chief Robert H. Kolsrud accepting three awards from Cmdr Matthew W. Faessel, CO of the USS Charles P. Cecil

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