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John E. Smith - FTCM (USN,Ret.) - 1959-1961

Smile, you're on candid camera

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"Here's a pic of me as a FTCS from the 60-61 Cruise Book. I don't know when but I suspect it was taken at the advancement in rate ceremony on the pier in Palermo, Sicily." "Here's a good picture of Chief Guinn, an outstanding man. Sorry to hear he's a silent key. (John E. Smith)
"Here's a pic of Capt. Goranson who took over just before our refresher training in early '60. He was also my skipper on the Kraus in 1953. He came back early for some conference and was killed in a plane crash in Virginia and we tore ourselves up a little in the race home for the funeral. He was a superb gentleman." "Here's a pic of an SK1 (can't recall the name) being congratulated by Chief Guinn and Captain "Brave Dave" Green (now also deceased) on the occasion of being promoted to CPO."
      Here is the same pic of Cecil I sent you before but I think better resolution. I am relearning how to use the scanner and its enhancements."

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