USS C.P. Cecil - Small Stores Order Form: (Click on the article name to view each article)
Quantity Code Hull No. Articles Size Unit Price SubTotal
  GSL DD-835 Golf Shirt L $24  
  GSX DD-835 Golf Shirt XL $24  
  JL DD-835 Jacket L $25  
  JXL DD-835 Jacket XL $25  
  CAPDD DD-835 Cap   $15  
  GSL DDR-835 Golf Shirt L $24  
  GSX DDR-835 Golf Shirt XL $24  
  JL DDR-835 Jacket L $25  
  JXL DDR-835 Jacket XL $25  
  CAPDD DDR-835 Cap   $15  
  PATDD DD Logo Patch   $4  
  PATDDR DDR Logo Patch   $4  
  10TH 10th Reunion Pin   $4  
  11-12TH 11-12th Reunion Pin   $4  
  13TH 13th Reunion Pin   $4  
Grand Total =  
Plus ship&handling =  
Final Total =