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This page is dedicated to the memory of all our shipmates who have gone ashore on that final liberty. Click here to load and play the Navy Hymn. Note:It will take a minute to download the sound file before you hear anything.

  "Old Sailors Never Die"


Name Rank/Rate Tour Dates
  Billy Dean     1947-1949
  Robert Dunn   RM1   1947-1951
  Vernon Dunn   BM1   1947-1952
  John Hannon   BM1   1966-1968
  John M. Horrocks   CAPT. CO/XO USN(Ret)   1956-1958
  George Jones       1947-1951
  John Matter   LTJG   1949-1950
  Quido Napolitani   BM1   1947-1951
  Larry Petro   PN2   1967-1969
  Donald Veith   BT2   1951-1955
  Dennis Harley   SMC USN Ret.   1976-1979
  Joseph Prunella       
  Clifton Sparrow   EN1   1965-1968
  Ric Santos   SMC USN,Ret   1970-1973
  Raymond R. Cote   SN   1952-1955
  Marvin Rhinehart      1949-1951
  Leonard W. Scott   RM3   1949-1952
  David H. Green   Captain, CO USN,(ret)   1958-1959
  George W. Proven   RD3   1945-1947
  Frank Nolfi      
  Gerald P. Reilly   LT, Chief Engineer   194x-194y
  Stanley "Stosh" Makinen   RD2   1958-1962
  Willard "Red" Foster   GMG1   1964-1967
  L.C. Guinn      
  Richard Myers      1945-1946
  William Mulford      
  Donald M. Locke   MM3   1951-1955
  Terry Bacon   HTSN   1976-1977
  Westaby, James   MM2   1945-1948
  Cliff, Tom   YN3   1966
  Walker, Donald   EM3   1966-1969
  Harris, Jack      
  Taylor, Ernest A.   GMG1   1964-1967
  Outerson, William   CDR (1st Skipper)   1945-1947
  Morgan, Francis   BM2   1945
  Murphy, Timothy J.   MM3   1951-1954
  Touloumes, Spero J.        
  Landis, Frank Adrian    SN    1961-1963
  Grasek, Louis M. Jr.    BT3    1950
  McIntire, Kevin    QMC    1975-1979
  Harley, Dennis    SM1    1975-1979
  Carter, Harold "Butch"    MM2    1946 - Plank Owner
  Shannon, Mark Leslie    HMC    1948 - xx
  Matassa, Joseph    CS    1967-1969
  Johnson, David    QM2    1947-1951
  Pickering, Ronald P.    GMC1    1957-1958
  Briand, Rene L.    CDR (CO 1963-65)    1963-1965
  Ferguson, Edward Lee    RD3    1953-1957
  Tinsley, Samuel W.    LTJG (Plank Owner)    1945-1946
  Kahler. Arthur E.        1952-1953
  Foulds, Donald D.    LT (XO)    1958-1960
  Cogley, Donald E.    BT3    1952-1956
  Hubbard, Ron    BM3    1951-1953
  Luterman, Lewis    RM2    1950-1952
  Perry, Robert Eugene    GunnersMate    1945-1946
  Blackwell, Quay E.         1955-1959
  Belliveau, Joseph    ETR2    1957-1960
  Chase, William N. Jr.    USN, Ret, 1974    1972-1974
  Armstrong, Robert         1959-1963
  Morgan, Gerald         1948-1952
  Davis, Robert         1953-1955
  Pentz, Frank    SN    1951-1952
  Smith, Maynard C.        1962
  Dickson, Robert T.    Plank Owner    1945
  Forstner, Gene    RDM 3/C    1945-1946
  Hooper, John C.        1952-1953
  Miedema, Harold James    1st Lientenant    1951-1952
  Constantineau, Don    BM3    1950-1954
  Reynolds, Robert J.    S1    1945-1947
  Gulick, Robert S.    DCSN    1964-1965
  Hammond, Warren    LT    1961-1962
  Paul Osgood    BTC    1966-1968
  Glen LaRoy Wetherell    ???    Korean Conflict
  Christopher, Frank J.    ENS --- LCDR USN,retired    1948-1948
  MacLeod, John    SO3    1955-1957
  Milton, John (Jack)    BM1    19??-1963
  Principe, Eugene Joseph    SN    1946-1948
  Wolf, Jerald L. (Jerry)    WT3/c (Plank Owner)    1945
  Mitchell, Arthur    E3 (Plank Owner)    1945
  Cauley, Frank    TE3    1953-1955
  Teubler, Walter F.    SMC    194x-194x
  George W. Kingston    CDR (Skipper 1960-61)    1960-1961
  Andrew John Bundschuh    RM3    1946-1947
  Frank C. Dunham Jr.    Capt. USN, retired    1948-1949
  James A., Cogley    IC1    1956-1959
  Joseph L., Galinas    ET3    1952-1956
  Richard Anthony Nori    SC2    1945-1946
  Charles Swankamp        1952-1953
  Alfred Robbins    EM2    1945-1946 - Plank Owner
  Dale F. Halvorson    ET2    1956-1957
  Robert Eley Pierce    RD1    1950-1953
  Dale Edward Major        mid/late 60's
  Cobern Seay    PC3    1947-1949
  Paul D. Hostetler    YN1(SS)    1957-1958
  James Arthur Kenniff    CDR (Commanding Officer)    1954-1956
  John H. Graham    LT (Communications Officer)    1947-1950
  Mark H Brigham    BMSA    1976-1977
  Joseph P. Quinn Jr    Ensign    1944-1946
  Donald Joseph Owens    FT3    1956-1957
  Leroy James Weinbender    Fireman 1/C    1946
  William York    passed away 12/22/2009    1945
  Vernon Dale Walker    MM3    1945-46 (Plank Owner)
  Bob G. Waters    RDSA    1945(Plank Owner)
  David T. Houston Jr.    LTJG    1968-1979(USN Ret.)
  John J. Coyne    EM3    1970
Died in an automobile accident in Dec. 1970
  Scott F. MacKay    SM2    1968-1971
  Donald John Feindt    WT3    1941-1946
  Jules Fryoux    FP1    1952-1956


             The Final Liberty
                    By Helen L. Venneri

    "Don't cry for me," the Sailor said,
    "I may be gone, but I'm not dead"
    I'm in the fluffy clouds above
    I'm on the ocean that I love
    I've sailed the seas for several years
    gone through so many wars with fears
    that maybe we'd be blown away
    and may not live another day.

    I've traveled 'round the world by sea
    with Buddies by my side with glee.
    We took in all that we could see
    on many a rough-house liberty.
    Where fights broke out, but none were hurt.
    A broken nose a bloody shirt.
    But back on board and safe on ship
    We sat and bragged through a bloody lip.

    And once again we'd hoist our sail
    to another port, yet we'd never fail
    to do the same thing once again.
    just Sailor boys who would be men.
    So try to understand I'm free!
    from sickness, age and what would be,
    My spirit's young and I am free!
    I've gone on my Big Liberty
    With all the ones gone on ahead
    I'm free at last, so I'm not dead."

    Editor's Note: Mrs. Venneri wrote this
    poem in remembrance of her late husband,
    a crewmember of USS James C. Owens (DD-776).
    It was read at the ship's recent reunion.

    This poem appeared in the March, 1998
    edition of the Tin Can Sailor

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