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Welcome aboard the Charlie P.
"Commissioning Ceremony - June 29, 1945"

"Meet Rear Admiral Charles P. Cecil"

"Meet the Skippers (1945-1979)"

"Decommissioning Ceremony - October 1, 1979"

"Cecil Sold to Greece"

"Apostolis D216 History"

"USS Cecil Photo Collage"

"The Forces of Destiny
The Charles P. Cecil (DDR835)"

"Tin Can Sailor" Dedication Article

"1957 - Cecil collides with a Whale"

"1962 Med Cruise Book now on-line"
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"Cecil receives citation from the Governor of Maryland"
1946 - Cecil participates in Atomic Bomb Test on Bikini Atoll

  Around the World!

The "Around the World" link takes you to Tim Carlo's "Sea Stories/Photos" page which should be of special interest to shipmates who served in the Cecil during its 1972 World cruise and Vietnam service. Many thanks to Tim for providing me with the photos, captions, and media story.
1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis
"Cuban Missile Crisis - 1962"

  "13 Days in October"
"The Russian Sub"

"Cuban Missile Crisis Comes to the Front!"

"Cecil in Hostile Waters"

"More on the Russian Sub"

"... some more on the Russian Sub"

"The Submarines of October"

"An event that could have changed history"

"Chronology of Submarine Contacts"

"Russian Submarine - Photo Collage"

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