NOTE: One of the most notable incidents in the Cecil's long storied history was it's encounter with a whale during a Med cruise in the Fall of 1957. The following summary of the incident was taken from the Cecil's Cruise Book and I'd like to thank Alfred Gogan, MM3 (1957-1959) for providing the information to me.

There are many photos displayed, but few with captions to identify the crew members shown. The descriptive comments are also very brief and lacking in detail. I am certain there are many former crew members out there that were aboard at the time and could help enhance this description. If you have any first hand experience that you'd like to share with your shipmates or untold stories concerning this unique event, please send them to me so I can update this description with the "rest of the story".

I am especially interested in photo captions that will identify the names and ratings of the shipmates shown. Thanks for the help.

.......................... Ed Crowley, ET1 (1958-1960)

USS Charles P.Cecil (DDR-835)
c/o Fleet Post Office
New York, New York
Sunrise - 0613      Sunset - 1810



Officers & CPO's: Dress Blue B   Working: Working khaki
Enlisted Men: Undress Blue B   Working: Dungarees

Carry out the Daily routine (underway) except:

  3 Sept. - Depart Norfolk
14 Sept. - Arrive Plymouth, England
  5 Oct.  - Depart Plymouth
  8 Oct.  - Refuel Gibralter
18 Oct.  - Arrive Rhodes, Greece
28 Oct.  - Depart Rhodes
  7 Nov. - Arrive Piraeus, Greece
19 Nov.  - Depart Piraeus
26 Nov.  - Arrive Salonica, Greece
  7 Dec. - Depart Salonica
13 Dec.  - Refuel Gibralter
22 Dec.  - Arrive Norfolk, Virginia


(The following comments are direct quotes from the indicated
Plans of the Day, supplemented by photos)

Tues. 3 Sept:

The ship will get underway about 1000 today for Seaspray, Strike Back, Glasgow, and points East.

Sat. 7 Sept:

Burton's sonar contact of yesterday turned out to be a whale which tried to prove its mastery of the deep by running us down. Olson's investigation and subsequent tests indicate no serious damage, however. (Editor's Note: This was the understatement of the year.)

Sun. 8 Sept:

Commodore Hubbell will be paying us a short visit via high line today to investigate our port propeller and shaft.

Thur. 12 Sept:

We will leave the rest of our squadron tomorrow to proceed independently to Plymout, England, where we will spend the week-end in dry dock for hasty repairs to our port screw.

Steaming into Plymouth, England

Fri. 13 Sept:

The ship will enter the Royal Dock Yard at Plymouth, England today at about 1300.

Tues. 17 Sept:

The yard and ship's force will be going all out to have us out on Monday morning to participate in STRIKEBACK.




Our port screw (the new one) has a crack in it. Therefore we shall remain a few days longer in dry dock to enjoy the warm hospitality of our wonderful English cousins.

Wed. 18 Sept:

We now have heat thanks to the BT's and their new donkey boiler.


Thur. 19 Sept:

The Dock will be flooded at 1400 Friday and the ship will get underway at 0800 Saturday.


Sat. 21 Sept:

Steaming at sea we expect to rendezvous with TF201 in the afternoon of 24 September.

Sun. 22 Sept:

The leak around the packing to our port shaft which forced our return yesterday does not appear to be serious, but we must return to the dry dock on Monday.


Monday 23 Sept:

The ship will get underway (starboard engine only) at 1045 for the North Lock Drydock, Davenport, Plymouth where we will probably remain until 25 September. The CECIL will not participate in excercise STRIKEBACK.

Tues. 24 Sept:

The packing gland has been repacked and we will be underway tomorrow.


Wed. 25 Sept:

0800 - After many sad farewells to the fair sex and the Hoe, with happy CHEERIO's to our English friends, the CECIL cast off her mooring lines and steams proudly down the Plymouth channel rendering honors to Her Majesty's ships (to port) on her way to joing the SIXTH Fleet.

0820 - CECIL steaming smoothly until speed was increased -- then -- all hell broke loose. Packing spewed out of the packing gland. Sea water rushed in. The bucket brigade was manned after burning out three electrical submersible pumps and one gasoline-driven, smoke screen laying, toxic exhaust producing P-500 pump. The Captain growled, "send down the divers." After the wreckage, debris and shreads of packing were cleared away, the After Engine Room was able to control flooding.

"Send down the Divers." growled the Skipper

0915 - Mass confusion reigned on the bridge - CECIL returning to Davenport Drydock rendering honors to Her Majesty's ships (to port), being towed backwards by the mighty paddle wheel tug INDUSTRIOUS limping badly, the crews faces beaming with happiness while the Captain's face was beaming red with embarrassment.

Thur. 26 Sept:

The Engineering situation doesn't look too good for the CECIL. It is believed that the port shaft is bent slightly......

Fri. 27 Sept:

The BT's again man the donkey boiler for the ship's steam. Everyone has settled down for a long stay with daily visits to the Snack Bar. (FOR TEA AND CRUMPETS) The repair crew again renewed their acquaintance with the dock workers and set about their tasks to


The CECIL Cagers, led by Keyser with 25 points, downed the Challeton Cross RAF team Wed. 54-53. Dailly exercise on the Hoe seems to be paying off.

Sat. 28 Sept:

The last port touched by the Pilgrims and the first port reached by the Cecil was Plymouth, England. Because of it's use as an embarkation and debarkation point, this port was one of the first hit suring the war. It was almost comp[letely leveled in a series of bombings in the Spring of 1941. The reconstruction has brought about a modern city center of which the English are justly proud.



Mon. 30 Sept:

Station WCPC (the best at sea on channel 3) has reopened under new management. "Sherrif" Pickering, "Catfish Prince", and "Dan Brad" or Don Owens can now be heard daily, bringing you the latest in Country and Western, Pops, Rock and Roll, and Jazz records, making WCPC a top contender to the BBC. Requests are cordially invited, and may be communicated by JX circuit, carrier pigeon, Wilmore or in person.

The Staff at WCPC

The Sherrif and the Skipper

Tops in Progressive Jazz with Brad Mikeside

The King of "Rock and Roll" "Catfish Prince" "Cool it Man"

Our Benevolent Founder "Uncle Don"