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Tim Carlo - MM2 - 1969-1972

Smile, you're on candid camera

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High line detail with the Myles C. Fox

A little help from the Royal Navy, I believe someone had appendicitis attack, anybody know this person hangin’ in the basket?

Bill Paige and Steve Shanck (sp) coolin” off in the after engine room.

Shellback day, I think that might be ole Pat Keating with the smudged face after kissing the “ Royal Baby”

After engine room, “ Motor City Kid” and “ The Rat Man” what a pair to draw to. But they kept you entertained. Motor City could play anything on the harmonica and Rat Man could make the worst situation seem funny.

Someone gets a ride from the Royal Navy. I believe it was a comrade that had an appendicitis attack.

Kenya, Africa, just got back from a little safari trip. Only person I remember here is MM1 Roger Knighten, the guy with the camera

NVA getting a taste of the old 5”- 38’s (coast of Viet Nam)

Coast of Viet Nam. USS Preble lost the load and was headed for un-friendly waters.

Leaving Hong Kong, I’m out of uniform, but I had never got to do a top-side sea and anchor detail. I was always on the throttles down in the after engine room.

A little entertainment from a snake charmer his cobra and mongoose. (Pakistan) when it was a friendlier place and you could walk the streets.

Frank Lacasse and I after a few cold ones at "The Top of the Hill". I reckon a few of you out there remember "The Top of the Hill"

Subic Bay in May 1972 - Bob Keas and I watched the USS Higbee being towed in after being hit by a Mig

After engine room: Everybody loved these evaporators - Ha Ha. Anyone out there remember the name of this handsome young sailor?

Any shipmates out there in cyberspace recognize these three sailors?

Christmas and New Years in Newport, RI

Boston, MA -- Bud Keating and I just before going into dry dock Boston

This photo was taken by Bob Keas on the Drone Deck of the Charles P. Cecil

"Around the World on the Charlie P."

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