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William P. Burke - FTG2 - 1977-1979

Smile, you're on candid camera

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Young FTG2 Burke on the day he got out - June 1979.

Bow shot of the fair lady taken at Groton, CT.

I think this is Ken Tyler, TM3

Main Control. Anyone know this young sailor?

One of the Gunners Mates in our quarters under the aft gun mount. Forgot his name (Mike Taylor?)

Recent photos submittedby Bill - January 25, 2007

Mike Taylor works on the Asroc launcher

HT3 Tiday after one of our lunch trips to the Mar-Bar at Groton Ct.

Mike Moore looks on as Darrell (?) and I get ready to be discharged

Jim McDavid hams it up for the Camera

HT3 Tiday salutes a bunch of us as well leave the ship for good.

Get back in that hole you snipeÖ Unknown crewmate looking up from after steering

Pressing the officers pants, their wives are not here, somebody has to look after them!

One of the bosonís cleaning the Captains gig.

Spruance class destroyer passing us. Man we were jealous.

Getting tank of gas as sea.

On watch during that awful pier-side overhaul in New York City

Rick Nicklaw in the Mk37 gun Director

Dan Poole in radar operatorís position in the back of the MK37 gun director

Soon to be FT Chief Dennis Hooker goofing off before he has buts on his anchors.

Dan Poole on the losing end of that hand, time to change the dealer

GMG2 Primo, on sea and anchor detail

ST2 Matt Durrin (not sure how itís spelled) smiles for the camera during a winter sea and anchor detail

ST2 Matt Durrin, OS2 Keith MacDonald and FT2 Burke waxing or cars at Mattís place.

One of the reserves takes a nap in Gun Plot/IC room.

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