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Jim Bonta - BMSN - 1962-1964

Smile, you're on candid camera

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Cecil ship's party in Virginia. I am the 2nd from the left and the 3rd from the left is Joe Anzalone. Tom ? is next to Joe. Five of the crew on liberty in San Juan, PR. Benny Bendavites is the 2nd from the left and I'm on the far right.
Photo_3 Charlie Brown and "unknown name"
Photo_5 Photo_6
Joe Anzalone from Cleveland, OH I'm the handsome one on the right. Anyone out there recognize the other two swabbies?
Cecil enters the NY Naval shipyard for FRAM overhaul Ancient Naval Ritual
Cecil crew to the rescue The Cecil's mission and her skipper
photo_1 through photo_6 were provided by Joe Anzalone's son. Sadly, Joe passed away on Thanksgiving Day 1997. If any shipmates out there recognize the sailors in any of these six photos, please send me captions to identify the sailors. .....Thanks, Site Author: Ed Crowley
We swear we didn't do it! That's me on the right. photo_1
photo_2 photo_3
photo_4 photo_5
photo_6 null
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