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Thomas T. Beeson - LTJG - 1961-1964

Smile, you're on candid camera

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This shot was taken in November 1961 en route from Gitmo to Norfolk. Shown left to right are: Ltjg Joe Weed - DCA, Lt Walter (Mick) Reideman - Engineering Officer, and yours truly Ens Tom Beeson - MPA

Beautiful shot of the sleek lady taken in 1961 when she was known as DDR835

Photo and Time Magazine 1962 article about the USS Cecil's encounter with a Russian submarine in 1962 during the quarantine of Cuba.

Certificate of Participation in the Quarantine of Cuba from 22 October to 4 December 1962

Presentation of the Engineering "E" for Desron 26 for 1962 (Left to Right)Captain from DesLant, LTJg Thomas Beeson, Engineering Officer, Cmdr Rene Briand former XO and then CO.

Home History Rosters Reunions Photos

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