All Hands Muster on Deck Apostolis Update

All Hands Muster on Deck

This most valuable addition to the site was made by Howard Russell, STGSN, 1969-1970.


I sent an e-mail to who I guess was the Public Relations Office of the Hellenic Navy General Staff and they sent me the following reply, so I thought I would send to to you and maybe you would put this on the C. P. Cecil Web site for our fellow ship mates.

I hope every one enjoys this new information about our old girl. I wish we could bring her back and keep her as a museum. Anyway let me know that you got the pictures alright.

Best Regards,

       -Howard Russell

According to our records the Greek Destroyer Apostolis D216, is decomissioned and is currently at the Xania Naval Base in Crete. Sorry to inform you that she is out of service, but still in existence. However we were able to find three very rare photos of that ship that have never been published. Please find them attached.

Public Relations Office
Hellenic Navy General Staff

(See attached files)