August 24, 2004
Hey Ed,

It only took two years, but I finally got an answer from the Hellenic Navy as to the status of the Cecil. I received a photo from their website which I've attached. The caption is (not the one in Greek on the photo, but from my source) "HNS Apostolis, D216, ex-USS Charles Cecil DD835 during an exercise in the 1980's. The status of the Cecil is from Vagelis Antonakakis of the Hellenic Navy and he states:

"In response to your email, we would like to inform you that D-216 APOSTOLIS was decommissioned in 1993 and then was laid at Suda Bay until March 4th, 2003 and then was sold for scrap."

Vagelis Antonakakis
Gen Pro
Hellenic Navy

Chris Anderson -- USS Charles P. Cecil Historian

August 30, 2004

I received a response from the Hellenic Navy about the type of service the Cecil/Apostolis was involved in. "DD-835/D216 Apostolis was handed over to Greece by USA in 1980 as part of military help. Became part of the Hellenic Command Destroyers on 25 October 1980 with first Captain Master Chief Petty Officer Nick Papadogonas. It was taken out of service on 30 September 1992."

Webmaster, Hellenic Navy

This was all the information they could/would give me.

Your friend, Chris Anderson -- USS Charles P. Cecil Historian