Tribute to Dale Halvorson      (ET2, 1956-1957)


When Dale Halverson arrived at the gates to Heaven, St. Peter asked him what he would like to do. St. Peter told him that he could do anything that he liked, since this was Heaven. And St. Peter told Dale that it was not limited to just one request . There are no Genies with three wishes in Heaven!

And he said that he would like to go back to the day that he married Mary, For that was truly the best day of his life.

Dale asked St. Peter if he could go back and watch his children and grandchildren when they were born. And again relive how they had grown up and been a part of his life.

Dale started talking to St. Peter about the wonderful time that he had playing football while he was attending the University of Minnesota. And he said that he really would like to have scored a touchdown. St. Peter said, no problem Dale. But, God just doesn’t give it away you have to earn it. You will have to do it on your own.

And what else would you like to do, asked St. Peter, and Dale said, I would really like to go back aboard the USS Charles P. Cecil. I want to be with my shipmates. St. Peter pointed off in the distance and told Dale that your ship is docked just over there, and many of your shipmates that have come before you are there and want to welcome you back aboard the ship that you loved.

St. Peter, told Dale that there is no war. Your everlasting cruise aboard the Cecil will be for you and your fellow shipmates, and it will be your duty to be there to welcome each new crewmember as they arrive!

And, finally St. Peter said to Dale, All of your crewmembers that arrive each year are now with you at the memorial site that has been chosen. They are there, It might be the gentle wind that blows past the gathered shipmates and their wives, or maybe a butterfly that fly’s amongst the crowd. Although, you and your fellow crewmembers have welcomed them aboard at their time of arrival, this memorial signifies their official walking across the bow and asking for “Permission to Come Aboard”.

Author: Greg Wells    (YN3, 1975-1977)